August Across The UK

As we move into a new month, a little cooler that the last. We’ve been keeping very busy throughout the month of August. Filming in various locations around the UK and capturing some truly unique products and services.

We began with filming in Newquay, over 2 days and 2 nights. The main location was Cornwall Newquay Airport, filming training videos for Clear Sky. The videos are based on the re-fuelling process for ground crew, learning about the different types of fuels and procedures. We filmed everything on 2 Sony A7s MKii cameras in 4K and the footage looks incredible.

Clear Sky and Associates

Clear Sky and Associates


Our latest client, Esprit Automation manufacture plasma cutting machines. They wanted a range of machines to be filmed and capture client testimonials at the same time. This took us to Birmingham and Newcastle, all filmed in 4K and like before…the footage looks so good.

Esprit Automation

Ventilair UK


This brings us to back Derby, were we have begin filming for Karen Cureton of Cureton Consulting. A set of brand new marketing videos, moving away from a traditional style of business videos, to open up a new avenue of entertaining the viewer while getting the information they need.

Karen Cureton


Video Marketing = Problem Solved