September was a great month, with plenty of projects to keep us busy in various shapes and sizes.

We began the month filming a new batch of video content for Karen Cureton, which wasn’t your average marketing video. Brett (AVP director) wanted to go in a different direction, steering clear of the ‘generic’ marketing video. He went for a more ‘human’ approach. After all, people buy from people.


AVP’s second project of the month was filming more video content for Esprit Automation. A project that started back in August, pending changes from all 10 product and testimonial videos. As you can imagine, there is a lot of great content for them to go through.

Esprit Automation


Our third project of the month was in Maidstone, Kent. This is the second time working with Parkwood Theatres, filming several of their Christmas pantomimes. This year at the Hazlitt Theatre, we were filming the trailer for Aladdin. Heading down to also capture the ‘Press Launch Party’, on board the Kentish Lady cruise. Brett has been hard at work, editing together the main trailer, character videos and the launch video. Here is a small taste of how incredible the cast and crew were on the day.


Our final project…a music video! For a young band based in Donnington, in the East Midlands. The Lost Boys UK. Filmed in one day at a location that gave us some great shots, here are a few snap shots from whats to come.


Video Marketing = Problem Solved