New Year = New Animation

For the second year running, we are proud to be working once again with First Steps Derbyshire. This time on a brand new animation, that looks at their multi disciplinary team with NHS Derbyshire Community Eating Disorder Service (CEDS).

For this project we created a brand new animation, based from a script that was organised by the First Steps team from real users of their services. The voice over artists were Kenny Dunkwu, who provided the narration to the video and Natalie Nightingale. Who played both the female characters within the story.

The entire animation was created in Adobe After Effects, using pre-made avatars and animation assets from the animation composer, Mister Horse. Using the script as the storyboard, Brett carefully put together the animation to represent the story in an engaging and educational way.


Here is a little feedback from the First Steps team, which says a lot about the amount of effort we put into making sure you’re video product is more than perfect.

“Thank you! Perfect, we are delighted and grateful for this 100% production which you have delivered a sterling video for our ICS.”

“Fantastic – I love it, thank you all so much for all of the hard work put into this brilliant production.”

“Many thanks Brett – another fabulous video, thank you for all of your effort in producing and editing!”

Video Marketing = Problem Solved