Machines, Music and More

April was an exciting month for AVP, creating a ranch of video content for corporate and music.

We began with our client Esprit, as we’re in the editing process of 3 more plasma machine videos. The Cobra, Lightning S and Lightning D.



Moving further into the month we filmed several brand new music videos for solo artist Danny Beardsley and rock band, Mortland. These will all be released around May/June 2019.

Danny Beardsley Album


Curly Lead Studios


Later into the month, we began filming more videos with Stimulating Minds, once again with King Edward VI College in Nuneaton. It was great to get back to the college and work with some of the students across the campus.



And we’re saving the best until last. It’s been an incredible start to 2019, so with our success and the work we’ve generously had through our clients. We bought a new Sony A7s MKii camera and Sigma Art Lens (24mm-105mm), so each project we do will just keep getting bigger and better.

Sigma Art 24mm - 105mm


All of these new and exciting videos will hopefully be coming this May, so if you want to catch these on release. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you can watch all of our latest work.

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