The Wolf Is Back

Continuing our work with the I AM Marketing team, we filmed a very interesting project in Essex at the Five Lakes Resort. Of course it was theatre related, but for something that was created into a major Hollywood film back in 2013. We filmed the wolf himself, Jordan Belfort.

The Wolf of Wall Street

With the release of The Wolf of Wall Street – The Immersive Experience coming this September, and with Jordan in the UK on tour. This was the perfect time to get the wolf himself selling the show. Using the auto cue set up, we got Jordan to go through the script with some really punchy ‘one liners’ and phrases to help promote the show.

Behind the Scenes - The Wolf of Wall Street


So let’s cut to the chase, you know we had an amazing time directing the wolf…time to see what we created.


Follow us and find out what the end of this journey has in store.




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