Solo Album and Music Videos

Danny Beardsley is a long time friend of AVP. Working together since 2010, producing music videos and other promotional content for his bands and as a musician. Danny has come back to AVP again and again because there is a great relationship, that shows on set at each video shoot.

This time AVP are creating several music videos for Danny’s new solo album, ‘Blood From A Stone’. The first single from the album was filmed at a popular location, which AVP have used for a number of music video shoots. An old farm house in the National Peak District, which sits on top of a hill just a few miles from Wetton.

Behind The Scenes - Danny Beardlsey Post


Since filming ‘This Fool’ back in April, AVP have filmed the second music video from Danny’s album, which is the album self title ‘Blood From A Stone’.

Behind the Scenes - Blood From A Stone


Let’s not keep you waiting, here is the first single from Danny’s new album. Due for release this September 2019.