Video is a modern, powerful way to engage directly with customers.

In a world that relies on technology to grow, we have become more used to watching things than reading about them.

Video provides quick, direct engagement with target audiences that have little time for browsing.

Our range of commercial video marketing services can help you gain you customers attention.

Esprit Automation – Photon Laser Cutting Machine 2020

We have been working with Esprit Automation for over 2 years, creating product videos for their latest in industry leading plasma machine technology. Now witness their newest line of laser cutting machines, the Photon series.

Filming began for the Photon series early in December 2019, leading into the new year we were called back to continue filming the various features of this astonishing laser cutting machine. This started out as an ordinary project, to capture the various features and design of the machine, but we throw them a ‘curve ball’. We wanted to compare the elements of power, performance, precision and beauty of that of a dancer. Pulling inspiration from those premium BMW and other car manufacturer adverts. 

Product Videos = Problem Solved

Park Vision – COVID-19 General Guidance Trailer

During lock down we’ve been busy, working with client’s to help them tell their customers about when they’ll be re-opening and what safety measures are in place. Park Vision was another great referral from DPI UK Ltd, who asked us to create a short video based on the Health & Safety measures they’ve put in place to welcome back their customers.​

Filmed within a day, editing within 2 days, making sure this wasn’t a boring video and adding in our AVP magic of engaging content, motion graphics and stylistic editing; the owner thought it was spot on. “We think it is brilliant – you have made it exactly what we wanted – professional but with a touch of humour.” – Michelle Beach (Optometrist Director of Park Vision). This was a great video to help showcase just how businesses across the country are getting ready to re-open and keep their customers safe.

Product Videos = Problem Solved

Ocean Isle – Crab Meat Recipes

During lock down of 2020, we received an email from the owner of Ocean Finest Foods, who asked us to create a small set of videos for recipes based on their Premium OceanIsle Crab Meat. We filmed 6 videos within one day, with chef Phil Reed at the helm.

We were approached by the M.D who wanted to create videos to showcase recipes, using the Ocean Isle Blue crabmeat. Filmed in just 6 hours with 6 different recipe videos at the home of the CEO, in a lovely area of Derbyshire and with chef Phil Reed. The set up was straight forward, 2 main cameras and plenty of light to make sure we captured each recipe within this contemporary kitchen.

Product Videos = Problem Solved

Cureton Consulting – Award Winning Social Media Training

Working with our colleague and friend of 6 years, Karen runs her award-winning business Cureton Consulting. Each year we have worked with Karen to create video content to help sell her online training courses and the various services she has from her website.

We had the pleasure of filming for Karen at the LCB‘s creative hub, where she invited a hand full of her lovely clients to help play the extra’s in her training session. The location was really nice to film as the meeting room wall’s were mostly glass, which we used the natural light for filming. Everyone had was smiling from ear to ear and it was fun to direct everyone in this set of causal and professional videos.

Training Videos = Problem Solved

DAN’S Dance Live Connect

DAN’S is an incredible dance and fitness studio in the centre of London and this is a quick look at what DAN’S has to offer. Their marketing manager who we had previously worked with last year but for another client, came back to us to help film and create engaging and dynamic videos of the classes they offer.​

We filmed over 2 days and 3 nights, just before the major lockdown of COVID-19 came into effect. We filmed 14 mini class videos of various dance styles, with 5 different teachers and 20 extras. We used the Sony A7s MKii and Dji Ronin s to capture the movements and energy of each class, making sure we didn’t miss a shot…especially with 2 cameras filming at the same time.

Video Marketing = Problem Solved

Live And Let Dine – COMING SOON

One of our newest clients of 2020, The Vaults in London where immersive theatre productions and alternative art is showcased. We were asked to film video content for one of their new productions, ‘Live And Let Dine’. A spoof of the popular ‘James Bond – 007’ franchise with a twist.

We spent the day in an amazing studio space provided by Uniq Studios, having creative control over the setting to produce a range of amazing videos for this show. This is only 1 of several marketing videos that we filmed, but unfortunately the show like all other across the country have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We had a great day filming with the cast of the show, making sure everyone had fun in the process and the outcome wasn’t disappointing.

Theatre Trailers = Problem Solved

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