It’s important for all of us to continue to work and trade in these difficult times. We have a responsibility not only maintain the upkeep of our businesses but our livelihood as well.


So what is the solution to create professional video content and still maintain your business work flow and staff morale?

3 or 9 month Package Available

Our ‘Done for You’ service takes video footage and images you have created or will eventually be creating, and we combine editing techniques with a deep understanding of your business to make videos and images engaging and inspiring.

Alternatively, to make sure that your video content is perfect for your business and you don’t have the required videos or images, we have access to online libraries of stock videos, photos and motion graphics to help communicate your business to the right people.

We even have professional voice over artists to give your videos the voice they need. A voice over can help connect and engage with your audience in many different ways.

We have two options available for short and long term solutions. They can help your business get the video content you need while keeping costs to a minimum and it helps us at AVP maintain a healthy and happy workflow.

For more information or to receive an information pack on these video options, fill in the form below and we’ll send you a mini information pack for free.

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