AVP’s core values take a ‘problem solving’ approach to video marketing. We create powerful marketing videos that engage with clients, promote your business and increase your social media presence.

Our creative techniques from a film making background allow us to generate successful video marketing that works across a wide variety of different business sectors.

Video content must reflect your company brand and core values, as well as creating videos that appeal to each of your client target markets.

We know how difficult it can be to market your business successfully online. Which is why we have the creative tools to help your prospects and customers feel an immediate connection of why and how your business is the best.

Video Marketing is a prospect’s mental guarantee that they are about to make a good buying decision by investing in your products and services.

Done For You – 3 or 9 month Creative Video Service

So what is the solution to create professional video content and still maintain your business work flow and staff morale?

It’s important for all of us to continue to work and trade in these difficult times. We have a responsibility not only maintain the upkeep of our businesses but our livelihood as well.

Our ‘Done for You’ service takes video footage and images you have created or will eventually be creating, and we combine editing techniques with a deep understanding of your business to make videos and images engaging and inspiring.

Alternatively, to make sure that your video content is perfect for your business and you don’t have the required videos or images. We have access to online libraries of stock videos, photos and motion graphics to help communicate your business to the right people.

We even have professional voice over artists to give your videos the voice they need. A voice over can help connect and engage with your audience in many different ways…as you can here.

We have two options available for short and long term solutions. They can help your business get the video content you need as while keeping costs to a minimum and it helps us at AVP maintain a healthy and happy workflow.

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Products & Services – Be the Best

Did you know that 60% of consumers are more likely to commit to buying a product after watching a video.

This is why 4 out of 5 online marketeers are using these tools to engage with their clients to support sales.

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Training & Recruitment – Know it All!

Whether you need to help new employees learn or continue the development existing staff members.

Effective training can impact how well a business performs at all levels. Create a more stimulating learning experience.

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Video Testimonials – Invest in Success

New clients are looking to invest both their time and money into your products and services.

The massive benefits of Video Testimonials can quickly illustrate all of your strengths and show how others have invested successfully into your business.

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Events & Networking – It’s Who You Know

If you want to promote your event online or simply get people talking, video offers incredible potential.

By creating visually stimulating, very high quality and interesting videos to help you promote your event online. That can help you get more clicks, followers and ultimately boost the interest in your merchandise.

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Animation & Motion Graphics

Video has the power to express true feelings, thoughts and entertain, all the time effectively communicating your brand’s personality in many different ways.

Animations and Motion Graphics are unlike any other type of video. You can use it to express your business brand in a stylised way or to communicate a complicated idea through visuals. No one made a difference by being like everyone else, that’s why using animations and motion graphics are compelling, exciting and stunning.

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As all companies are different, each quote is different. They are based on the individual’s needs to create engaging video content, which tells their story through different innovative marketing videos.
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